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Jan 6th, 2015 by thedashow at 2:50 am

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This should have been a spotlight weekend for the NCAA, and it probably will starting on Saturday afternoon when the Final Four coverage gets under way, but Thursday was not a one shining moment (see what I did there). Mark Emmert, President of the NCAA, fresh off his vacation in Hawaii held a press conference and was bamboozled with questions in regard to the Auburn investigation and why the NCAA was not on top of it. Another black eye this week for a battered, beaten and bruised NCAA brand. Today's Cold Open.

Bettors are always looking for the inside track into the mind set of Vegas and why they do what they do when setting lines. Well tonight, we give you a little bit of that insight when Payne of PayneInsider.com joins us. Payne is a Sports Handicapper and gives a little look into all sports - Final Four, MLB, NFL etc. If you're a casual gambler, or the more likely degenerate gambler, you'll want to hear this interview.

There are some major frauds out in the world, we all know them, claiming to be the real "mothership". Well, the DA Show is the real deal Holyfield Mothership. Fact. We pay homage to the greatest funk band of all time every Friday at 5:40 by playing Parliament Funk as our rejoin music. It's also our Target Demo Friday segment, see what your fellow listeners are doing whilst listening to the show.

And our Epic Fail of the night is courtesy of Al in Columbia, South Carolina. For the better part of two days, DA has been going in on the NCAA as a whole for hurting their own brand. Al believes that the Rutgers/Mike Rice story should not be discussed by sports media pundits, but other media outlets, because "its not a sports story". Yeah a coach physically/mentally abusing his players on a regular basis for a major Division I program is not a sports story...and Mraz doesn't own a horrendous collection of jerseys. Good try Al.

Since it was left off the show today - Be Good and Do Good Unto Others.

The Mothership Disconnects.


As DA discussed last night, Mike Rice was terminated from Rutgers early yesterday morning. Selena Roberts, formerly of the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, released an article yesterday which went in depth into multiple NCAA violations that took place on during the 2010 season for the Auburn Tigers. It ranges from offering players money to return to school, giving players money after a bad day of practice to get them refocused, going over the $50 stipend for recruiting visitors, etc. DA's point - are you really surprised by any of this anymore? You can't be because it's all been happening for so long. Today's Cold Open.

Christopher Frankie grew up a New York Mets fan, so when he was offered the opportunity to work alongside Lenny Dykstra full time, getting a peak at the behind the scenes, he jumped at it. Frankie had no idea what he was getting himself into. Which lead to this amazing book documenting Dyktra's life. It is a tremendous read, highly recommend going to your local bookstore and purchasing it. Well worth the money and the time dedicated to reading it.

The Watercooler is the wildcard for tonight's podcast. DA resets the table at the top of the 5 am hour, Rutgers, Mike Rice, Auburn etc. But he also dives into the fact that Eric Murdock is being portrayed as a saint, when in actuality he was trying to hold Rutgers hostage - telling them they needed to compensate him to the tune of $1 million dollars or he would release the videos to the public. They didn't pay up, so we are where we are today. Murdock is just as guilty as the rest of those associated with this situation.

Finally, our Epic Fail. He can be the E.F. almost any show. Mr. Mraz wore a HIDEOUS Courtney Brown jersey from his days with the Browns. The stains on this are just as bad, possible even worse than the rest of his stain ridden jerseys. But the real E.F. is Mraz's trip down memory lane to his "pancake phase" which may be the culprit in this, as DA puts it "pangea " sized stain.


Apr 3rd, 2013 by thedashow at 6:54 am

Throwing basketballs at players, swearing at them, using homophobic slurs when speaking to them - all things Mike Rice, soon-to-be ex-Head Coach of the Rutgers Men's Basketball team has done. And there is video evidence. A story that was essentially swept under the rug by the higher-ups at Rutgers back in December has now come to light, and it is a black eye for the program. This is tonight's Cold Open.

Brad Jackson former linebacker for the Ravens and now of CSN Baltimore joins DA to discuss what the off season has brought the Ravens. Including a story that John Harbaugh wanted Ed Reed gone from the Ravens. All that and more with BJax.

It dominated the show tonight from start to finish, Rutgers basketball. A different angle in this segment though - how the tapes came to light & how they almost didn't. Eric Murdock, a former assistant to Rice, who was let go last year was the one who brought the tapes to the national stage and expose the situation for much more than we knew it to be. But the catch is, if Rutgers had paid Murdock the compensation he was looking for, then the tapes would never have seen the light of day. A bizarre twist in the story.

Finally, our Epic Fail of the night. Tim from Detroit overtook Otto from Reno by the slimmest of margins for our EF. Tim, in the midst of all the Rutgers talk, wanted to turn back the clock to the 2010 Winter Olympics where the US lost to Canada in the title game. Okay, odd but we'll play along Tim. Tim's point - why was no one talking about how all the referees in the game were from Canada? Wait, what? Tim thought that Canada made sure the fix was in and the Canada was all but assured the Gold Medal. Tim, we checked, one of the linesmen was from Finland. Sorry to bust your bubble bud.


Apr 2nd, 2013 by thedashow at 6:45 am

Opening Day in the MLB. Need I say more? Bryce Harper and his pal Stephen Strasburg put on a clinic at home today vs those lowly Miami Marlins. Harper hit two dingers, coincidentally the only two runs of the game and Strasburg retired 19 straight hitters after along a lead off hit. They're going to be a scary team this year. That and more MLB talk is today's Cold Open.

Kevin Baxter of the LA Times joins DA, talking MLB Opening Day. Baxter was at the LA Dodgers v San Francisco Giants, which had a proper Hollywood beginning with Magic Johnson, Orel Hershiser, Don Mattingly and Sandy Koufax. Kevin also was down at Estadio Azteca last week for the USA vs Mexico World Cup Qualifier so he gives some insight into that as well, along with a wrap on the rest of the MLB story lines today.

As you all know, we had a Mid-Major Mothership bet, dinner for the winner. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe Mraz would win. Well he did and now we're stuck footing the bill for his chowdown. The callers/facebookers/twitterers weighed in..and it's outstanding. Oh..and Market Watch is mixed in there as well.

Sam in Cleveland was not pleased with DA's apparent bashing of Cleveland..thing is that never happened. DA praised the Indians for their off-season moves and thinks they're in the mix this year. We of course immediately thought Sam would be another Pain Killer Pat, so there's some of P.K.P. sprinkled into today's Epic Fail.


Apr 1st, 2013 by thedashow at 6:59 am

We are now into the lead up for the Final Four, after some mind boggling hoops this weekend. Wichita State taking Ohio State to the woodshed, Syracuse dismantling Indiana like they were a DII warm up game, Michigan's unreal comeback Friday night and shalacking of Florida on Sunday and Louisville's game Sunday which is impossible to put into words. Tonight's Cold Open.

So our boy Mraz had quite the 12 hours of eating for Easter Sunday. It's not pretty, they're are pictures on the Facebook page..I'm full just looking at the pictures..but Mraz was full for only a few hours. He dodged being the Epic Fail tonight, just by the extra sauce on his chicken francese.

Eric Prisbell of the USA Today joined DA to run through all the happenings of this weekend in the Sweet 16/Elite 8 and did a preview for next weekend's Final Four match-ups. Looks like we have a great weekend of hoops on tap for next Saturday night.

Our Epic Fail tonight, Mike for New Castle Delaware refused recklessly defended the Tony Romo contract to DA, blind supporter who thought he deserved every penny..until DA asked him what he would think if Romo and the Cowboys went 5-12 this year..he jumped shipped rather quickly.


Mar 29th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:41 am

Night One of the Sweet 16 match ups is in the books. There was only one close game from the night, with Ohio State hitting another GW 3-pointer with 2.0 seconds left on the clock vs Arizona. The cardiac Buckeyes do it for the second straight game. The Orangmen of Syracuse seem to have picked up a bit of steam ever since the Big East Tournament, they looked quite crisp in a route of the Indiana Hooisers tonight. And who knew Marquette would handle Miami like they did. The Canes lead 4-2 and that was the last time they were close. All this is Friday's edition of the Cold Open.

Brandon Triche of the victorious 'Cuse took some time out after the win to join DA. Triche talked about their mentality going into the game, how their patented zone D shook the Hoosiers up, and more.

Doug Gottlieb of the CBS Sports Radio Network (3-6pm EST) and of CBS TV hopped on with DA after Doug's tournament coverage to talk about the four games that went down tonight, and a preview of that final four Sweet 16 games to be completed Friday night.

We all remember Pain Killer Pat from Arizona last night (yeah that crazy bastard that was on for over 10 minutes with DA). Well today was the one week anniversary since his call, and we wanted to pay tribute to someone who was so memorable. We took a "Best Of Pain Killer Pat" and replayed it. Man, that guy was the craziest s.o.b. I've ever heard.

And finally, Friday's Epic Fail..who else other than Mraz. The kid takes some undeserved beatings on the show, we acknowledge that, but he deserved every bit that he got tonight. He went to the gym for over an hour today...but all that went down the drain with the copious amounts of food he punished tonight.

Thanks again for another great week. Enjoy the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games this weekend.

The Mothership Disconnects.

Mar 28th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:45 am

It's not often that we have breaking news as we come on the air, but tonight was one of those rare occasions. As we are doing show prep, talking about the Boston Bruins trading for Jerome Iginla, it comes across 25 minutes before the show starts that he's actually been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. And on top of this, the Miami Heat's losing streak came to an end tonight at the hands of the Chicago Bulls. This is tonight's Cold Open.

I know we kill Mraz a lot...I mean A LOT on the show, but props to him for getting Joe Haggerty from CSN New England on the fly to join DA to discuss what in the hell happened tonight in Boston. As all Bostonians are brushing off the brutal loss to the Habs because they think Iginla is en route to Boston, they are smacked in the mouth with news of him actually going to Pittsburgh. Joe did a tremendous job breaking everything down for the listeners. Good job to Joe..and I guess to Mraz.

We can't go a night without talking about FGCU. It's impossible. Tonight DA's former colleague and play-by-play man for the FGCU hoops team Dave Moulton joins DA. The historic run by the Eagles as the first 15 seed to advance to the Sweet 16, could this be a game changer for the program considering all the school has to offer (the basketball players dorms over look the beach..yeah let that roll around in your mind grapes), along with plenty more. Best of luck to FGCU vs Florida on Friday night.

Eddie from Boston was blasted. And I mean blasted when he called into the show, but he claims its all because of DA. Apparently at some point in DA's time on The Hub in Boston, he told Eddie to always be drunk. Well Eddie took that literally. There's a lot of subtleties going on during this E.F., so listen closely.



Why is James Harrison still available on the Free Agency market? He was cut from the Steelers on March 9th, and one would think a linebacker of his caliber would be snatched up rather quickly. What's the holdup? Does he need to take less money or less years? Should Harrison be on the radar of contender's who are one or two pieces away? Dwight Howard's beef with David Lee. "I will remember" is Dwight's quote about possible revenge against DLee. Is Dwight an enforcer? This is tonight's Cold Open.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports joins DA to discuss the Yankees off season moves, including Vernon Wells and his ridiculous contract. The guys also talked about the Panda Bear - Pablo Sandoval and the Giants possible concerns with his weight issues, should the Red Sox keep Jackie Bradley Jr. on the Opening Day roster, and the urinal gaming decision put in by the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

Florida Gulf Coast University has swept the nation with their run into the Sweet 16 as the 15 seed. There is a rap that has come to the surface, actually has over 500,000 views on YouTube, its a parody song on Tyga's - Rack City titled "Dunk City". If you have the spare time today Google - FGCU Dunk City, it is painfully hilarious. Anyways, DA talks about how FGCU had to issue an apology from their pep rally the other day which was televised by another four letter network because of profanity's that were belted out by the student section. The apology is, as DA puts it, "SO Florida".

The Epic Fail of the morning comes from the end of the interview with Jeff Passan, where he talks about how in first grade he was put in charge of being the "pee monitor". Oh, that sounds weird? It's a tremendous story from Jeff, not something you'd think to hear from a well-respected baseball writer, but DA brings the best out of our guests.


Mar 26th, 2013 by thedashow at 7:11 am

LeBron James and the Miami Heat just keep on keepin' on. 27 straight wins. Each and every night you've come to expect something special out of the Heat, and they rarely do not deliver. LeBron messed around and was one rebound shy of a triple double as the Heat took the Orlando Magic to the woodshed. Without question tonight's Cold Open. Will the Heat lose again this regular season?

Bart Hubbach, NFL Writer for the New York Post, joined DA to discuss possible collusion in the NFL amongst the the Owners and how that may be affecting Free Agency this year. You'll want to listen to what Bart has to say about why your team may not be out spending the money you think they should.

The end of 30 in 30 has FINALLY arrived. No more Mraz and those heavily stained-way too tight-knock off Giants jerseys. But Mraz is the gift that keeps on giving. Tonight in the DA Show offices, he gave us a little Harlem Shake that is now on a 6 second loop for the world to see. DA and Mraz run through the Facebook comments absolutely destroying him. It is hilarious and well worth a few minutes today.

The Epic Fail, is of course, Mraz related. Darryl in Texas called up the show and tried to vehemently defend Mraz and his jerseys. It did not help the cause, at all. On top of that, some of the CBS Sports Radio Network Morning Show (TBD in the AM) - Dana Jacobson and Brandon Tierney - hopped on a few minutes early to get their comments in about the now infamous Harlem Shake clip. One of the funniest segments we have had yet to date on the show. Take the time today to go to the DA Show Facebook page and watch the video. Enjoy

Mar 25th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:44 am

Whatta Shot, Whatta Game, Thats the Greatest Game I've Ever Seen. Well there wasn't a whole lot of that this weekend, but there were some great highlights from Sunday's game. Two last second game winner's and a highlight from the "out of nowhere" department with Florida Gulf Coast lead the way in tonight's Cold Open.

Night 29. Night freaking 29. Thank God. But Mraz's Reuben Droughns may be the the worst player he's worn yet. And that's saying something because he has worn some pitiful jersey's. DA and Schwartzo just punish Mraz in tonight's pot luck segment. Any good Mraz bashing and I'm all in.

Florida Gulf Coast University is the story of the tournament thus far. The only 15 seed to ever advance to the Sweet 16. And they've done so quite convincingly by beating the Georgetown Hoyas like they stole something and then outclassing the San Diego State Aztecs at their own run-and-gun game. This is an exciting team to watch. Pete Thamel of SI was in Philadelphia covering this round and joins DA to discuss FGCU (DA's affiliation with FGCU), Duke, all things NCAA tourney and who could be Ben Howland's replacement at UCLA.

Tonight's Epic Fail was in the books pretty early tonight. Psycho Jeff, Joker Jeff, Jeff the Jamoke. Jeff from Baltimore made ridiculous after ridiculous comments about the Joe Flacco deal. This was a hook, line, and sinker - nabbed us a marlin.


Mar 22nd, 2013 by thedashow at 6:35 am

Captain Obvious Cold Open tonight. A collection of the best final calls in the games on Day 1. The early sessions were a bit of a letdown, but the noise was brought for the late afternoon/evening sessions. Nothing better then Day 1 of the tournament.

John McClain, H.O.F writer for the Houston Chronicle joined DA to discuss DA's proposed "Legends Clause", Ed Reed..and his role in the freshly released movie Spring Breakers. Make sure you listen to the entire interview, because when the conversation about the movie role starts, it takes a weird yet hilarious turn.

As you all know, every Friday in the 5:40 segment, we do our Target Demo - what are our listeners doing, where are they - because we do keep quite the odd hours on the DA Show. Plus, you get a little Parliament Funk to get your weekend kicked off. Also, our shiny, crisp, cold Target Demo open - Mac Miller - Party on 5th Ave. That head boppin' good good music.

And our Epic Fail of the morning, John McClain and our DA Show movie reviewer Mike in Houston. You will be hearing Mike a lot in the future, bet the house on that. It's a collection of the two of them talking about Spring Breakers, it tremendous.

Enjoy Day 2 of the tournament, don't burn the house down when your brackets go up in flames. The Mothership Disconnects.

Mar 21st, 2013 by thedashow at 6:43 am

The Miami Heat extended their winning streak to 24 games after an amazing comeback, where they were down 27 points in the 3rd quarter. Just how good is this Heat team, DA discusses in tonight's Cold Open.

With Ed Reed signing with the Houston Texans, and Brian Urlacher basically being forced out in Chicago, DA came up with a stellar idea on how teams can keep the faces of their franchises. Legends Clause. The skinny of it, teams are given the opportunity to keep players who have been with them for "x" amount of years, and are over "x" age. Far too often we see legends of a particular team, towards the end of their careers, leave the team they are instinctively associated with. This would allow these players, organizations and fan bases the opportunity to "end things the right way".

Well ladies and gents, the most exciting time of the year is upon us, NCAA Tournament Day 1. Hopefully you have your hooky story already in the works so you can be home for that 12:15 tip of Michigan State vs Valparaiso. DA gives his picks for the tourney, and believe you me, its not all chalk. You'll want to hear who he took, to either ridicule him at tournament's end or praise him for genius selections (most likely the former).

Tonight's Epic Fail comes by way of Cleveland with a gentlemen named Spencer. Spencer duped the ever so tough phone screener Mraz by telling him he wanted to talk about the Heat's streak. But he really wanted to call and bash his local sports talk radio hosts for not allowing him to get his points across by making fun of him, laughing at him and hanging up. There's some great throwback Jimmy Fallon SNL drops in there you'll want to check out as well.

Happy Hunting on Day 1. Brackets can't be won on Day 1, but they sure as hell can be lost.

Mar 20th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:31 am

Tonight's Cold Open begins with Robert Morris University's historic upset in the NIT of reigning National Champion - Kentucky. If you didn't watched this game, you missed out majorly. Also in the C.O., rumors are swirling about a contract extension for Tony Romo coming down the pike from the Cowboys. Would you resign Romo to a big contract? Legal Analyst Alan Fanger joined DA to discuss the newly proposed rule involved penalizing running backs for lowering their helmet and leading with it into contact, new lawsuits in the NFL and more. B1G Commissioner Jim Delaney spoke out against a lawsuit in Collegiate Athletics where a student-athlete would be paid to play. Delaney references moving down to a DIII system, where there would not be scholarships for players, but a need-based aide system. Yeah okay. I believed that for two whole seconds. The B1G is going to cost itself hundreds of millions of dollars because they don't want to give the players a few sheckles? No chance of this happening. It's just Delaney posturing against the current lawsuit and trying to subtly threaten those who may rule for paying athletes. And our Epic Fail of the morning is brought to us by Sean in Fort Worth. Sean tried to defend Tony Romo's abilities and justify him getting a massive contract extension before this season. Obviously he did a terrible job or he wouldn't be our E.F. of the night.


Mar 19th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:28 am

We'll go through the motions of the three standard segments, but the crowned jewel is what ya'll really want to hear. The Cold Open DA talks about LeBron James' ridiculous dunk on Jason Terry, the Miami Heat's win streak up to 23 and just how dominant they have been. Bob Nightengale from USA Today talks World Baseball Classic with DA - the crazy ratings it put up in Puerto Rico the other night (74% of home in P.R. watched the game vs Japan), can the WBC succeed without the U.S. being a legit contender and more. Alright, so lets get down to brass tax. We had the CRAZIEST of crazy callers tonight. Straight jacket worthy. Pain Killer Pat from Arizona (though he lived in Detroit, don't worry he talks about this once or twice) called up to talk about LBJ's dunk on Jason Terry. Yeah, I think he said five words on that. The rest was just complete utter random, bizarre, scary talk. Michael the "Arch-Angel", it's been about "1,000 beers" since N.C. State won the National Championship in '83, he's unemployed but his strengths are "strong back and big mouth"..I won't ruin anymore for you, but its a MUST listen today. Pain Killer Pat is our segment du jour and undoubtedly our Epic Fail of the night.

We may have the EF of the year a little less than three months into the show. This is the Moby Dick, Sasquatch, Lochness Monster of Epic Fails. Enjoy.

Mar 18th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:41 am

Welcome back from the holidays of all holidays - St. Patrick's Day - where everyone is Irish for a 24 hour period. The DA Show crew was in the mix in a big way this weekend, but ready to bring the noise for the start of the week. Selection Sunday is right up there with one of the best nights in all of sports. Five Mid-Major Mothership teams are dancing. In tonight's Cold Open, DA gives a synopsis of how the selection committee fared and some intriguing match-ups to look for in the first weekend. Elvis Dumervil's weekend was not as pleasant as the rest of America. A Kinko's snafu cost him $8 million because a fax did not go through before 4pm. Could you imagine? Because the NFL still requires the use of the archaic, out-dated mode of sending in paperwork, Dumervil is now a Free Agent and is looking for work. Which he probably won't be compensated as well as if the fax had gone through. Selection Sunday means Jeff Borzello joins DA to discuss all the movement in regards to the brackets, and what it means going into the start of the tourney. Our Epic Fail of the night comes to us via Tennessee from Brandon. Our man Brandon was down at Bristol all day, soaking up the sun, watching races and (we think) enjoyed a few Bud-heaves (Budweiser for the common person). It entails him bouncing all over the place and his friend sporadically hootin & hollerin in the background.

Another day, another dollar. It will be a great week on the Mothership with the start of the NCAA Tourney. Get in the mix and join in on the conversation - 855-212-4CBS, follow DA on Twitter @DAonCBS, and for all the 30 in 30 travesty's like the DA Show page on Facebook - facebook.com/thedashow.

Mar 15th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:54 am

Steven Jackson inks a deal with the Atlanta Falcons, after insider info we were given by Russ in Green Bay the night before where he explicitly stated he would be a Packer. And away we go. The Falcons inking Jackson to a three year deal is tonight's Cold Open. As we've stated many a night on the show, we have the best callers in the business, you guys get it. But...sometimes you can be terribly wrong on something, as can DA (Mike Tannehill, A&M in the Big 12, etc etc..). But we love you guys for it. In the 2nd segment DA dives into this dynamic that we have. Mid-Major Mothership has returned and they say the best things come in two. Double Dip of Mid-Major Mothership. Coach Wayne Tinkle of the Montana Grizzlies joins DA, talking about the Big Sky Conference tourney, what they need to do to get back to the NCAA tourney and tells a great story about how basically the entire Tinkle family won a championship a few weekends back. And Coach Matt Brady of the James Madison Dukes' brings the noise after their Colonial Athletic Association Conference title win, his ties to Philadelphia and St. Joseph's University and how A.J Davis is their difference maker. There are teams who get it, and teams who don't. The Houston Astros are on the don't list. More specifically their owner Jim Crane definitely doesn't. When pressed about the Astros opening day payroll, and why he hasn't spent money:

"It doesn't bother me that people want us to spend more money. But it's not their money. This is a private company, even though it's got a public flair to it. If they want to write a check for 10 million bucks, they can give me a call." - cbssports.com

Talk about an idiot, Crane is early candidate for Bozo of the Year 2013. And finally, our Epic Fail of the morning. As previously mentioned, Russ tried to give us some insider info on an NFL Free Agency deal. Well it backfired right in his face. Props to Russ though, he called in tonight, owned it and completely through his "source" right under the bus, and backed over the "source" a few times. Well done Russ, well done.

Another week on the Mothership is complete. Enjoy your St. Patty's Day celebrations, be safe. The Mothership disconnects.

Mar 14th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:19 am

Well..tonight was, without question, the wildest night we've had on the show. Tonight's Cold Open - The New England Patriots stiffed Wes Welker essentially $2 million, so he left and signed with Peyton and the Denver Broncos. In place of Wes, the Patriots signed Danny Amendola to a 2 year/$10 million deal, Welker's deal with the Broncos - 2 years/$12 million. The phone lines were jam packed all night long, a testament to you the caller, good job by you. Steve Aschburner joined DA to break up the NFL talk for a bit. The Miami Heat extended their win streak to 20 tonight, can Indiana still challenge the Heat in the East, what in the world is going on with the Knicks, and will Kobe Bryant's injury be the nail in the coffin's season - all touched upon in the interview. DA has officially made it..he has a parody account. Danny Amendola signed with the Pats, Damon Amendolara signed with CBS..but some people cannot differentiate between the two. DA and Schwartz break this down in our pot luck segment of the night. And our Epic Fails..yes that's a plural. Things got derailed early and often with the callers. Coop from Texas, Treddah in Boston, Brian in Boca all bowed at the feet of Dewy in Oregon. This is our first multi-Fail segment. Hopefully it was our last, because all four were utter disasters. Enjoy

Mar 13th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:32 am

What a feeding frenzy it was on the DA Show tonight, just like in NFL Free Agency (more on this later). There was tons of movement today from some unexpected teams, mainly the Dolphins signing both WR Mike Wallace and LB Danelle Ellerby for big money deals. DA breaks down the moves in the Cold Open. Steve Wyche, NFL Network Reporter and NFL AM contributor, joined DA to further break down all the moves that were made today, what we can expect on Day 2 and a weird story in which two NFL GM's were unknowingly taped while having a phone conversation. Back to the feeding frenzy. So the MLB Free Agency period is like watching paint dry, while as DA referenced "the NFL FA period is like dropping a T-Bone into a piranha tank or like Mraz around a fresh box of Krispy Kreme's." Feeding frenzy. That's how our pot luck segment of the night kicked off and it got better. The MLB FA period is a bunch of hear-say, while in the NFL deals get done right away. And we were graced with Lavon thinking the DA Show doubled as Steiner Sports selling memorabilia for the listeners. Clear cut Epic Fail. Also, if you're looking for someone to renegotiate a contract for you, don't ask Lavon, he's quite the pushover. DA started at 5% for compensation for being the middle man, easily bumped it to 7%, but probably could have went as high as 50% with Lavon. Enjoy.

Mar 12th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:39 am

Quite the build up to the start of Free Agency today. Anquan Boldin being traded to the 49ers, and Percy Harvin was dealt to the Seahawks. Clear cut topic for today's Cold Open. A bizarre story out of the NHL. A prospect for the Florida Panthers had a bit of a good time while out with some friends recently. He consumed copious amounts of booze then proceeded to break into a random person's home, pass out on the couch and then when asked by the wife of the home who he was, he responded with "don't worry about it." The stones on that guy. The man of the house was quoted as saying "he's lucky I wasn't home or I would have put two between his eyes." Yikescity. EJ Hradek joined DA to dissect the happenings in the NHL, including Ovechkin laying into referees in the Washington Post saying that the aren't respected by the officials and don't get calls because of some of the personalities on their team. Well, ripping them in the media surely won't help your case there Ovi. And tonight's Epic Fail is the most EPIC of EF's. Mraz, to make good on the shirsey controversy, brought and donned this what we're referring to as a "vest-oodie". A cutoff sleeved, hooded Giants "vest-oodie" with Giants written on it, along with Jason Sehorn's name and number on the front. It's disgusting, troubling, vomit-enducing and overall just a complete disaster. Make sure you go to http://www.facebook.com/thedashow and http://www.youtube.com/thedashow to see the still shots and the video of this travesty. Viewer beware.

Mar 11th, 2013 by thedashow at 6:35 am

Welcome back to another week aboard the Mothership. We jump right into things for today's podcast. One of the biggest melee's in baseball happened this weekend, and I'd venture a guess 98% of us didn't see it live, but rather on the highlights later on. The fistacuffs that broke out in the WBC match up between Canada and Mexico. Whoa nelly there were some serious haymakers thrown. Was it the jolt that the WBC needed to attract some viewers, DA discusses. Mid-Major Mothership returns with a double dip. LIU's Head Coach Jack Perri joins DA to discuss their run to the Northeast Conference Championship game (Tuesday Night at 7pm for those interested). CBSSports.com's Jerry Palm also was granted permission aboard the Mothership to break down all things Conference tournaments, who's in who's out as of now, whose looking like a dangerous heading into the Madness. An interesting story out of Spokane, WA. Apparently some the USC men's basketball team got into a few mix ups following their win at Washington State while waiting to get on a plane back to LA. The audio clips from a bystander are pretty entertaining, aka sounds like a total jamoke. And for the Epic Fail - Cameron from Toronto is so irate with the WBC brawl, he wants to trade Jose Bautista immediately. His points on why and what they should do...well, not exactly rational. Cameron set himself up pretty well to be the runaway EF for the night. Enjoy the podcast.

Mar 8th, 2013 by thedashow at 7:40 am

Whether the professional and college leagues like it or not, people degeneratively bet on sports. John Tortorella made it known today that he does not like the idea of having to discuss injuries with the media and the fans. DA has an interesting take for the Cold Open. Mid-Major Mothership Part Trí roles on tonight with a two-fer-one. Coach John Becker of the Vermont Catamounts (better college nickname?) and Coach Scott Nagy of the South Dakota State Jackrabbits joined DA to discuss their upcoming conference tournaments, their rise from mediocrity to potential NCAA Tournament bids, and much more. MMM has taken off, one of the best segments we've started here, and look forward to continuing it next week when conference tourneys get under way. For the pot luck segment, Mraz had an incident at Chipotle with a fellow customer snitching him out on the extra meat he had added to his burrito bowl. Things escalated quickly and Mraz once again embarrasses the show on a regular basis. The Epic Fail, DA so jazzed up by MMM, he busts out into song..imagine Oprah "you get a car, you get a car, and you get a car"..yikes-city. Thanks for another great week here on the Mothership, you guys bring the noise every single night and we can't get enough.

The Mothership Disconnects.

Mar 7th, 2013 by thedashow at 7:44 am

Dwight Howard or Bobby Valentine..who gets DA going more? Well, Dwight made a good push tonight to become Public Enemy #1 on DA's list after his interview bashing his former teammates in Orlando. Referring to those players as "a team full of people nobody wanted" & he was the leader of that bunch and "did it with a smile on his face". Zip it up already Dwight, Epic Fail on your image rehab. Coach Dan Monson (@CoachDMonson), Head Coach of the Long Beach State 49ers, got Mid-Major Mothership part deux kicked off. Coach Monson brought the noise tonight on MMM, they're a team to look out for in the tourney. I told you that Dwight got DA all bent out of shape, which is why he's our additional segment here tonight. Can never get enough of fired up DA ripping someone a new one. And finally, Emerson is our Epic Fail. We're not sure if Emerson was drunk (he was), but his irrational points on Dwight Howard were so erroneous he was a lock for the Epic Fail. Marcus in Detroit made a late run at the EF, basically insinuating he could do a better job coaching the Lakers than Mike D'Antoni, but in the end - if you're not first you're last. Enjoy.

Dec 24th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:54 am

DA breaks down the Pats destruction of the Texans on national television.

Nov 9th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:52 pm

Perks is out sick, leaving a Tiger-style voice mail chain.

Nov 9th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:44 pm

Perks is on suicide watch with all the snow in Boston.

Nov 9th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:40 pm

When Randy Moss left the Pats, the residents of Foxboro sighed in relief.

Nov 9th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:24 pm

The Red Sox turmoil has Perks up in arms.

Nov 9th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:16 pm

The guys are fired up to debate the most important topics in Florida.

Nov 9th, 2012 by thedashow at 9:07 pm

When you need to feed the world, there's only one food.